Reasons to raise your family in Haverstraw

Are you planning to raise your family in Haverstraw, but you’re not sure whether that’s the right decision? Slattery Moving & Storage will help you take a look at the most important aspects of the Haverstraw. Starting your research early and taking a look at the place from numerous points of view is important, but it’s easier when all the important information can be found in one place. To find out more about whether you should raise your family in Haverstraw, and if yes, why, keep on reading!

Why live in NYC at all?

As you already know, Haverstraw is a distant suburb of New York City. If you’re looking for a suburban feel for your office and family, then you’ll enjoy the choice of commercial movers New York offers. This is one of the cities where you have the job opportunity luring at every corner, and the public transportation is well organized to minimize the commute. Living in New York City allows you to advance professionally while having all the perks of suburban life right in front of you. Close proximity of the city with everything they might need is often the motivation of many families to relocate to Haverstraw.

New York City
Haverstraw is located on the end outskirts of New York, free of clogged traffic!

Is the suburb of New York a good choice for raising a family?

Suburb is frequently the place of choice for many people who want to start a family or raise kids. This is often the case because living in an apartment feels like being trapped. You often don’t have your own place outside where you can go and chill out. When you’re raising a family, you often need a little bit of space for a short, few-minute-long time out which suburbs can provide, and oftentimes, apartment life can’t. Living in the suburbs is also beneficial for children due to the amount of play they can get in that way. They will have more space outdoors where kids can run and play safely. If you want to build a swing or get a trampoline, or a pool, you’ll have where to place it and not worry about your kids’ safety as much as you’d worry when you’d have to go with the kids to the public pool. It’s also way less time-consuming.

Why raise your family in Haverstraw?

  • There are several parks where kids can play. If you get bored of your backyard, there are numerous options where you can go for a walk and daily playtime and socialization.
  • There are preschool programs, daycare, and childcare centers that will help you find a safe space for your little ones.  Good childcare is one of the important factors to help you determine whether wanting to raise your family in Haverstraw is a good idea.
  • The proximity to the numerous lakes and bodies of water is often a determining factor. When you need peace of mind in the evening or early morning, you can find it in a matter of minutes. It’s even very close to the Hudson River where you can enjoy the walk.
  • There are a lot of shops and restaurants that make up a great ecosystem for a leisure afternoon with friends. It’s also a convenient place in case you need to go for quick shopping while your kids are small, but you can take them with you when they are a little bit older!
Living in suburbs is beneficial to the children’s health, both physical and mental.

A lot of people in Haverstraw own their homes!

Have you thought about whether you’d live in an apartment or a home with a yard? It’s possible that, regardless of your choice, you’ll need to search for Haverstraw storage where you’ll place your items. Don’t clutter your space from the beginning, even if you don’t own it yet. This might seem unreal, but more than 60% of people in West Haverstraw actually own their homes. This speaks to the quality of life and the jobs that are available. Owning your home is a big success regardless of your starting position. But it’s true that your starting conditions determine your future a little bit, and being surrounded by the people who have achieved what you’re yet to achieve will help you stay motivated throughout the hard times. Moreover, the community is welcome and you’ll find a lot of people who’ll gladly share their advice with you!

Let’s take a look at the community and some more reasons to raise your family in Haverstraw!

The community of the Haverstraw isn’t only very welcoming, but it’s also diverse. Let’s see what else it can offer to young families:

  • If you aim towards a place where your child will witness and be taught inclusivity, this one is worth giving a shot.
  • Did you know that more than 30% of all the people in west Haverstraw have a College or University degree?
  • With numerous options for daily care, elementary and middle schools, as well as good college preparatory high schools, you’ll find that Haverstraw ticks off many of the parents’ frequent must-haves.
  • If you have a job in the center, it’s easy to commute. Commute times are short! This allows you to spend more time with your partner and kids. Organizing your life around several schedules of different people is never easy, which is why short commutes are sometimes a must.
raise your family in Haverstraw
Are you ready to raise your family in Haverstraw?

Have you decided it’s time to relocate?

Hopefully, you’ve found what you’re looking for and you’re already planning your move to Haverstraw! Raising your family in Haverstraw has numerous pros and not a lot of cons. To start planning your relocation process, send out free quotes. See which of the numerous moving companies NYC offers fits your budget. Keep in mind that we’re at your disposal if you’re looking for a quick, seamless transition into Haverstraw. All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll do the rest. Book a stress-free move to your new life, today!




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