Tips for finding a perfect house in Rockland county

Rockland County is the smallest county in New York State area.  Finding a perfect house in Rockland county should not be so difficult since there have been a so-called “pandemic boom” in buying real estate here. It is the ideal location for most people since it is close to the NY city, but far enough from the bustling city. It is famous for picturesque villages, amazing river views, and outdoor activities. Therefore, if you plan to move to Rockland County, go online and check for moving companies New York, so that you can find the most suitable company for your needs.

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The real-estate market in Rockland county has reached its peak in the last 2 years

If you plan to find a perfect house in Rockland county you need to make a draft of a plan first

In Rockland County, most people own their houses. Renting vs. Owning relationship is almost double in favor of owning a home. According to reviews, it is a perfect place for raising a family. Also, do not hesitate to contact some of the best professional moving services in case you need help. Here is a draft of a plan:

  • do your research about the county
  • find a real estate lawyer and a proper moving company
  • get to know yourself with the taxes and statistics
  • make sure to understand the contract and get a home inspection

Finding a perfect house in Rockland county also means exploring the neighborhood first

According to statistics,  the community is well-bond. It is also a safe place for big families and has some great public schools. Residents have a liberal political stance. Rockland county is also one of the healthiest and most diverse counties in New York. The unemployment rate is above average and many young well-educated professionals are living in the county.

Planner, laptop and a pen
Making a plan when buying a house is important

Find some great real-estate lawyer and a qualified moving company

In New York, buyers and sellers of real estate always hire an attorney. The job of the attorney is to handle the paperwork and specific requests. Make sure the attorney you choose is well-experienced in closings. Also, if you have any specific moving requests, for example, any fine art you need to move-make sure to do a bit of research about fine art movers Rockland County so that they can help you.

Get to know yourself with the taxes and statistics

Some statistics show that Rockland County had a 15% increase in sales and median sales price went up by 3.1%.  The Rockland County tax rate for 2020 is $2.99 per thousand dollars. Some properties,  owned by religious organizations or governments are completely free of paying property taxes. Veterans who qualify for an exemption and homeowners who are eligible for the School Tax Relief are partially exempt.

Houses, a dog and the street
Rockland county is almost a definition of a county with perfect suburbs

Make sure to understand the contract and get a home inspection

Usually, you as the buyer will handle any repairs.  Because of that, it is good to know the condition before you sign the contract. Especially if you bring the expensive items with you such as piano for example you need to do a bit of research about piano movers Rockland County NY in addition to hiring a licensed home inspector. The home inspector will have to check out the potential defects.  Usually, the seller’s attorney is preparing the Contract of Sale.

All in all, Rockland County is becoming more and more popular. So, if you want to buy a house in this peaceful area, do hurry since someone else can take away your dream house if you think too much. Embrace the adventure and create new experiences with your family.






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