Storing glass items long term

If you want to store items, you need to plan well. However, for storing glass items long term you need to invest additional effort. Before you contact Slattery Moving and Storage to move your home, you need to pack in a smart manner first. Due to glass sensitivity, there will be some rules that you are going to need to follow. Your glassware should be in perfect condition no matter how long you keep it under storage conditions.

Glass jars on a shelf
There are different types of glass items that need storage

If you are thinking about storing glass items long term – make a plan and an inventory first

There is a storage cost you will need to pay, so you really need to plan this thing through. First, you need to check how many items you have. Then, you will decide on what you will keep, and what you will get rid of. Downsizing your inventory will help you both pack less and pay less. Go online and do a little bit of research about storage Rockland County NY and find the most suitable storage for you. Here is a plan of how your glassware storing process can look:

  • gather all the items
  • clean them thoroughly
  • prepare the boxes and begin the glass wrapping
  • be careful with packing

Gathering all the items first will make your storing glass items process easier

The key to storing glassware is actually the packing process.  You need to be 100% sure that you are using the appropriate packing materials. If you need proper storage, go online and check out the Haverstraw storage conditions. Appropriate storage will also take care of the conditions of the items, besides protecting them from damage. Before storage units, however, you need to use cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, stickers, tape, and scissors. You can use cardboard boxes from grocery stores, just make sure they are strong.

Clean them thoroughly

Please keep in mind that you can’t store dirty or moist items.  If they are moist, due to long-term storage they will be moldy when you pull them out. Also, due to grime, dirty glassware is not an option. In order to avoid all that,  before you begin wrapping, make sure you wash, clean, and dry every glass item in your cupboard. While they are drying themselves out, you can do a bit of research about storage Nanuet NY and find out what you need. Wrap your glassware in the paper that absorbs extra moisture.

Prepare the boxes and begin the glass wrapping

Glass protectors need to be assembled the right way. If you don’t have time for all of this, you can check out some other packing services. You need to line every box with a good layer of bubble wrap. This will protect the glass items and prevent them from sliding around. Use the packing tape to reinforce the bottom and sides of the box. This will prevent it from collapsing.

Clean glasses
It is very important to clean all the glassware before the storing

Be careful with packing

Extremely fragile items such as wine glasses should be separated by cardboard cutouts. Larger and items, like tumblers and mugs, can be put into each other. When the box is full, fill up any empty space with bubble wrap. This will prevent movement inside the box. Be careful not to overfill the boxes, because the items can break in the process.

Although trying to keep all of your glassware safes seems impossible, it is not. If you put in a little extra effort and plenty of bubble wrap, everything will be fine and your glassware will be safe and sound. Make sure you pack everything properly and there will be no need for you to worry!




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