How much does it cost to live in Nyack?

You might be tired of the place you currently live in and are looking for a change of scenery. After all, an average American moves at least 10 times in their lifetime. If you are trying to avoid the crowds of big cities, Nyack, NY might be the perfect place for you. In case you are wondering how much does it cost to live in Nyack, we are here to shed some light on that particular topic. We will also try our best to convey to you why moving to Nyack is a great next step in your life. Moreover, you will be researching moving companies New York has to offer in no time!

Learn how much would it cost to live in Nyack

Before getting into anything else, let’s look at some numbers first. According to various statistics reports, the cost of living in Nyack is above the national average. To be precise, Nyack has an overall score that is approximately 50% higher than the average. However, most of the score is due to housing expenses. For comparison, an average American home costs $231,200 while a home in Nyack goes for as much as $481,500. The cost of groceries and similar things is only a bit higher than the national average, the difference is almost negligible. Both the healthcare and transportation in the village are 16% more expensive than the average. The transport is usually conducted by cars, but there are buses that connect Nyack with the neighboring towns.

The statistics say that Nyack living costs are 50% above the national average

Can you afford to live in Nyack?

The annual median income for homeowners living in Nyack is $74,750. It is better to know right off the bat whether your current income is suitable for the expenses of a certain place. Naturally, if you are looking to rent, living in Nyack might be more approachable than if you are looking to buy a home. The median income for renters is $55,268. Either way, our sound advice is to sit down and crunch the numbers. This ought to help you make a rational decision before you start looking at homes, new furniture, and residential movers New York is offering.

How much does it cost to live in New York City and Nyack – a comparison

If you were to look at a map of the area around Nyack, the first thing that would surely catch your eye is its proximity to New York City. The drive is only 30 miles long. Many people who get tired of the crowds of NYC and the ever-rising living expenses choose to move to the closest towns/villages. That way, they can have peace of mind and still be very close to the City. Nyack is definitely one of those places. The housing expenses in Nyack are half of the housing expenses in NYC. It is also worth mentioning that the homes in Nyack usually have a yard, which can’t be said for NYC.

New York City
The cost to live in Nyack is significantly lower than that of living in New York City

So, if you are looking to raise a family, or you have simply had enough of the Big Apple, Nyack is the perfect spot for you. With remote working opportunities, you don’t even have to worry about changing your job. What is more, traveling to NYC for work is a completely viable option as the drive takes less than an hour. Now that we have caught your attention, the only natural step is to look into movers Nyack NY has to provide.

On Nyack itself

Nyack is a village located in the town of Orangetown in Rockland County in the state of New York. It lies 30 miles north of New York City. The village lies on the west bank of the river Hudson and is surrounded by Upper, Central, West, and South Nyack. The name Nyack comes from the Native Americans who populated this area before the European colonization. It is believed that the name means ‘fishing place‘. As we have mentioned, if you are trying to get away from the crowds of NYC, Nyack is your go-to. The village houses 7173 people according to the census from 2019. However, there’s no need to worry that you will get bored in this small village. Quite the contrary, it has a very lively nightlife that can cater to anyone.

A landmark that dominates the area is the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge that opened in 2018. it was built to replace the old Tappan Zee Bridge. The bridge spans the Hudson River connecting Nyack with Terrytown. You can cross the bridge on foot and bicycle, as well as via motor vehicles.

The atmosphere in Nyack

People describe the place using the word bohemian. It is home to actors, painters, writers, filmmakers, and musicians alike. The village offers fine dining in the evening in various cozy restaurants. During the summer, outdoor musical performances are all the hype. Nyack was home to the famous American painter, Edward Hopper, for over 30 years. Since, his house has been turned into Edward Hopper House Art Museum which holds different exhibitions year-round and a summer jazz festival. The village of Nyack lies on the bank of river Hudson, so you can always enjoy a peaceful walk by the river or relax in one of the parks in the village. The people who reside in Nyack are a relatively young crowd with liberal views and the cultures are diverse.

a band playing jazz
Nyack offers a lively nightlife filled with great music

Moving to Nyack

After getting acquainted with Nyack, your next step is to go for a visit. Once you set foot in this charming village, you will want to move there instantly. What is left is to find yourself a moving company that can take care of everything. From obtaining packing supplies to carry out the moving process, Slattery moving is the right pick for you!




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