What to get rid of when moving

Whether you’re moving to another state or just down the street, planning a relocation is a pain. What is even worse is the packing that needs to be done. If you have unused stuff piled up in your basement, attic, shed or anywhere else in your home, you are well aware that you could probably do without some of those things. The first thing you want to do for your relocation is to hire one of the moving companies New York offers. The second thing is to decide what you should get rid of when moving day arrives. We have compiled a list of items you may want to donate and others that you should simply throw away.

packed boxes mean that you decided what to get rid of when moving
Pack everything you don’t need anymore and say goodbye.

Why should you even dispose of your belongings when moving?

You might wonder why should you get rid of any of your possessions. The reasons are numerous, but the most important ones are to get rid of clutter and to cut back on the cost of moving services.

You set yourself up for a clutter-free new home

There is nothing better than a tidy, clutter-free home. But, we know how life gets, you start piling up old clothes, books, toys etc. You store them neatly in your attic or basement, maybe you even rent a storage unit for it, but over time the pile gets bigger. It gets bigger until point that it starts creating clutter in your living space. This is why it is best to separate the things you don’t really need or use anymore and donate them or throw them away if no one can benefit from them. That way you get a fresh start in your new home.

The cost of your relocation will be lower

The best decision you can make for your upcoming relocation is to hire professional Haverstraw movers to take care of the hard work for you. However, most moving companies will charge you more for their services the heavier a load of your relocation is. This means- the less you have to pack and move, the more money you will save. Even more so if you manage to sell some of your belongings you have no use for any longer. So it definitely pays off to get rid of excess stuff before moving.

Here’s what you should get rid of when moving

There are countless things you can consider disposing of when moving to a new home. Always think about what you can donate, gift or sell. A great example of this is clothes, shoes, books, furniture, etc. It goes without saying that the items should be in decent condition. Also, if you have leftover canned food, make sure to take them to your local food bank.

women buying new clothes after donating their old clothes before moving

Moving is a perfect chance to renew your wardrobe and donate your old clothes

Consider donating or selling your old shoes and clothes

Surely you have some old clothes and shoes you got tired of wearing, or never got to wear in the first place. It is a shame to throw them away, but you also don’t want to drag them with you to your new home if you know you will not be wearing them again. The most important thing is, to be honest with yourself if you haven’t worn it in the past year or more, it is likely you’ll never wear it again. If you have some unworn items of clothing or pairs of shoes, you can sell them. As for the used clothes and shoes, consider donating them to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or other similar organizations.

Your used furniture and rugs will be useful to someone less fortunate

Furniture and rugs are bulky and heavy, so if you’ve considered buying new pieces for your future home, now is the time to do it. If you have some items stored away in Haverstraw storage, think about redirecting them to a new home. Especially if the pieces of furniture and rugs are in good condition, they will get a second life if you give them away. Donate your old furniture to charity organizations, and let someone who needs it more enjoy it as much as you have.

Books you never got to reading could make a perfect gift to someone you love

Any book-lover knows how easy it is to pile up dozens of books and never get around to reading them. There’s no better chance to either donate them to your local Haverstraw library or give them to some of your friends and family who you know share your love for books. You can also sell them if no one in your surroundings is a fan of reading.

mugs are easily replaceable so get rid of your old ones
Buy a new set of matching mugs for your new home and throw away old, chipped ones

Things you should throw away before you move

On the other hand, there are some items that are simply best thrown away. You don’t need the extra weight, and such items are either unnecessary or easy to replace and better not dragged with you to your new home. Consider throwing away things like:

  • plastic containers
  • chipped mugs, plates, etc.
  • loose papers
  • outdated media forms (VHS tapes, cassette tapes)
  • expired medications
  • old makeup
  • ancient magazines and newspaper
  • old perfumes and toiletries

We all tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary clutter over time, but the bottom line is you need to be honest with yourself. Moving is a perfect opportunity to donate, sell or throw away the things you haven’t used for a while. Take your time to separate your belongings into piles and see what you can sell or give to charity. The items that are in bad condition are best thrown away. You know your situation best, so there’s no one better to tell you what exactly to get rid of when moving. Hopefully, we’ve managed to give you some ideas for starters.





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